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Nina Gamble Kennedy

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Nina Kennedy

Nina Gamble Kennedy (born 1960) is an American classical pianist, orchestral conductor, filmmaker, and writer. She is the daughter of Matthew Washington Kennedy, concert pianist and director of the Fisk Jubilee Singers from 1957 to 1986; and Anne Gamble Kennedy, also a concert pianist and piano accompanist for the Fisk Jubilee Singers. Both of her parents served as members of the piano faculty at Fisk University. Contents 1Early life2Career3Critical reception4Recordings5Writings6Films7References

Remembering John Lewis in Nashville

While watching the home-going service for John Lewis, I heard Civil Rights activist James Lawson speak of the efforts to desegregate downtown Nashville via non-violent protest. He mentioned the names of Diane Nash, Kelly Miller Smith, et al. Lewis and Nash were Fisk students who were attempting to desegregate the stores and establishments in downtown Nashville. My parents were on the faculty at Fisk University, and this was the environment into which I was born in 1960.

The students were non-violent, but the white mobs that gathered around them were not. It still boggles the mind when I try to understand exactly what motivated these mobs to inflict such violence. In fact, I have already blogged on that subject: "What Nazis Can Teach Us About American Police."

Of course, I had no idea that all of this energy was swirling around me. I was just a baby, after all, and my parents did not discuss all that was going on. In fact, my parents did see the students as troublemakers, and …