"American Heritage" by Pianist Jeni Slotchiver Dropped October 9th


Following the success of the Busoni The Visionary series, American pianist Jeni Slotchiver has released a new album this month. With Southern roots of her own, Ms. Slotchiver’s debut ZOHO CD release American Heritage presents compositions that honor the vast African-American musical tradition as well as Union army hymns from the Civil War. There are contemporary arrangements and harmonizations of sea shanties, songs of enslaved people, and secular dances, plus arrangements of spirituals. Several compositions recall the strong, Southern voices of gospel and blues. Of the eight composers represented, six are of African descent, two of whom are women.

Visit Jeni Slotchiver's website at www.jenislotchiver.com.

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About Jeni Slotchiver...

"Critics Choice: Appropriate for Millennial Reflections

A fascinating program of piano works impressively played by the pianist Jeni Slotchiver…Filled with incandescent piano writing and music of stunning harmonic invention…A Vivid performance.”

— Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times


Jeni Slotchiver's virtuosity, polish and control of nuance make for some gripping music making, and her huge range of dynamics are a joy to have. And what about her inlay card notes? Oh, fantastic stuff. A must for all pianophiles, especially Busoni fans.”

— Gerald Fenech, Music & Vision

"Slotchiver's abiding sympathy for Busoni's neglected keyboard works surely equals her virtuosity in playing them, and her passion in performance matches her commitment. Slotchiver's ability to clarify Busoni's textures and ideas gives her credibility as a leading interpreter, considering the composer's daunting challenges in technique and style.”

— Blair Sanderson, AllMusic

“This release is a revelation. Jeni Slotchiver is a pianist of the highest artistry. Fully in control of this notoriously difficult material, she has the technical equipment to let the music speak without impediment…emphasizing forward momentum and rhythmic polish. Slotchiver brings Busoni’s music into our era. It is a bold and brazen choice.”

— Tony Gualtiere, Classic Music Review

“Centaur Records presents the third volume of Busoni the Visionary, as realized by the splendid interpretation of the pianist, Jeni Slotchiver”

— Marco del Vaglio, criticaclassica (Naples)

“Illuminated, brilliantly executed renditions of Busoni works declare Slotchiver as a major exponent of this rarified tradition.”

— Gary Lemco, Audiophile Auditions

“Pianist Jeni Slotchiver may well prove to be this composer's best exponent and intercessor between him and the listener. Her playing is first and foremost at the service of the music, and always leads the narrative to its inevitable conclusion.”

— Jean-Yves Duperron, Classical Music Sentinel

“Startlingly good music, superbly played…An intriguing, compelling recital. Slotchiver absolutely nails the work's grandeur and epic sweep. Slotchiver's playing never disappoints, and her detailed, lucid sleeve notes are a pleasure to read.”

— Graham Rickson, The ARTS desk

“Pianist Jeni Slotchiver loves this music passionately, as both her performance and her intelligent booklet notes make very clear. [She has an] extraordinary involvement with, and ability to project, the music’s haunting ambivalence. Her wide range of keyboard color and sense of mystery are quite simply mesmerizing …positively physical. It’s rare indeed to hear an artist…with such strong (and poetic) ideas.”

— David Hurwitz, CLASSICS TODAY


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